a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

The garden progresses!

I did accomplish some gardening this Sunday besides more grass seed up in the front pasture. I took the hint given to me by some obvious holes in the onion bed, and filled those spots with two tomato plants - a Roma and a "Margold" (medium sized red determinate). Additionally, I got two pots of cucumber starts and four of six pepper plants put into the new stone-walled bed. Both the tomatoes and the cucumbers got appropriate supports installed, too.

In the maintenance department, I put up some form of netting for the peas before they fell flat forever, but it really is bird netting, so I need to augment it at some point. The few lettuce sprouts seem happy, but I don't expect much from them. Of a 16-foot row, I think five lettuce plants made it up. Ditto for the carrot row next to it. ::shrug:: I yanked out some of the bigger and more evil weeds (Chinese sumac) and tidied up somewhat in both that bed and the onion bed.

There is plenty still to be done. The stone bed is still half-empty and needs a fence around it before the baby goats come poaching. The potatoes assuredly made it to the "gonna grow now" stage, so I need to add more dirt to their pots and "hill" them up another six inches. I would like to plant some pumpkins and watermelons, either by seed or starts, but didn't commit to purchasing anything until I had everything else planted. And of course everything needs weeding and mulching again.
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