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Books: On the Edge, by Ilona Andrews

On the Edge, by Ilona Andrews. Urban Fantasy, paperback, 326 pages. First in the series.

This is by the same wife/husband team as writes the Magic Bites series. I hadn't picked it up before because the back of the book read like a romance dumped in the middle of a fantasy, and I just wasn't interested. Ok, so finally I bit. And guess what?

Surprise! It was a romance! It was completely stocked with a more-dashing-than-life hero with wartorn psyche, a heartbroken heroine with a dead-end job, a jerk ex-boyfriend, a crazed antagonist, two smartass little brothers, and a French-accented grandma.

Surprise! It was an urban fantasy! It was completely stocked with drive-throughs, Wal-Mart, pickup trucks, comic books, magical boundaries, magical rules and powers, a small-town mentality with small-town feuds, a sword-swinging hero, a kick-ass rifle-toting heroine, a werewolf, a sorcerer, a doomsday device, a salty-smart grandma, and two little brothers with odd and unique powers.

The combination of the two - romance and magic - was done reasonably well. I think that the heroine, Rose, was a little over the top in her protestations and antagonism towards the hero, Declan, but the Andrews team did their best to explain why. Rose never had any reasonable male role models in her life, so grew up expecting to be loved and left, at best. Her mother went crazy, so Rose spent the second half of her school career being picked on as the "whore's brat." In a teenage obsession to show everyone that she was worth something, Rose spent many hours in secret practicing her magic. Unfortunately, that practice backfired on her at the town's graduation party. Abandoned by her friends and betrayed by her boyfriend, she ended up scraping by on dead-end jobs while trying to take care of her two younger brothers. Then the bad guys came to town...

I picked this book up because it is by the same team who wrote the Kate Daniels series, which I thoroughly enjoy. I recommend it to urban fantasy romance readers, Kate Daniels fans, and Mercedes Thompson fans.

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