a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
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Goats going walkabout

Last night, I spent another quality hour with the weed-whacker vs. the mint. While I was working on the long slope, I let the all of the back pasture goats and llama out into the new pasture. (Yes, this recombined girls and moms, but only for one night.) I figured that they didn't have enough time before sunset to get into too much trouble, and that I would close that gate again during morning chores.

(The girls have decided that the 3-board fence for the new pasture bascially the same as no fence and walk right through it when they are done eating inside that pasture. So, basically, that is a Hercules-and-Jared containment fence only.)

This morning, there was an obvious lack of baby girl goats at breakfast. I wasn't too worried, because [big! bold!] Alys was missing as well. I put out all of the food as normal, brought in the adults and yearlings from the down-slope side for breakfast, closed the far pasture gate, closed the dividing pasture gate, and went off into the garden to call Alys and the girls back. They came stampeding up and went right through the main gate, to their bowls. Because the dividing gate was already closed, all I had to do was grab Alys and shove her over to the other side, and ta-da, I had baby girls separated again. I called Ginger and Madeline back over, and Zoe squeezed through the fence on her own. With very little work, everyone but Angelina is where I want them without me having to chase anyone. I'm so clever.

It's nice that everyone is predictable, in some ways. And the garden got mowed and fertilized, just a little bit. (Thankfully, Achaosofkittens fenced off the actual vegetable garden.)
Tags: angoras, garden, goats, kids

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