a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
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A fox and her mate

The reason why the red fox in the yard is always around these days is because there are actually two of them. Lately they have been doing team sports such as digging in our sand pile (doesn't everyone have a sand pile?) and chasing small rodents from both sides of a fallen log. One of them - the one with the white spot on its left hip - is much more comfortable around humans than the other.

Foxes make me nervous because of the possibilities of rabies and of dead newborn goats. I just have to remember that all of our outdoor animals have had their rabies vaccines and that I'm not breeding my goats this year unless I get a miracle/sale in the next month that brings my numbers down. So the foxes really aren't that much of a threat. They are just keeping the lower order omnivores, herbivores, and larger insect populations (mice, rabbits, and crickets) down.

two foxes in the front yard 8-6
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