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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Updates from around the farm 
21st-Aug-2013 02:14 pm
I power-washed the side porch and the goat patio last night. It was like a poop cannon in reverse! I liked the power washer version of cleaning, but learned that the goat patio just doesn't drain fast enough to make power washing the best option for cleaning it often. It got really muddy and silted-up around the patio. The other fun problem is that power-washing is the same muscle work as weed-whacking. Mental note that I can't schedule both for the same evening and plan to have any back muscles after that.

The yearling boys have pretty much given up caring about the puppy. She eats goat chow (ok, stale tortilla chips), drinks goat water, and is not big enough to be threatening to them. So she must be a really retarded goat, right? I witnessed a Kodak moment this morning when Cleo and Krys touched noses. They then "touched" foreheads (whack) as Krys explained to Cleo that this was *his* bowl of food. Cleo took the correction well, in that she bounced away to go do something else.

In contrast, the adult girls are still Not Happy (tm) about Cleo being anywhere near them, and Alys rolled Cleo away from the food bowls this morning with a well-timed head butt. I'm not sure Cleo actually noticed, since it was a roll rather than a hit. Regardless, Cleo has now been actively warned by Jessie, Anna, Summer, and Alys that she is not welcome.

Hercules doesn't mind the foxes, is wary about the dog, and is a total wuss when it comes to squirrels sitting in his bucket, eating his breakfast. He just stands mournfully near his food and whines at me. It reminds me of the days of Shan-cat eating the mastiffs' breakfast. Moooooooom, there's someone else eating my breakfast!

Pan is still alive. Though he was completely not interested in getting out of bed this morning, he was quite interested in his breakfast when I brought it to him. I think there might be a foot problem complicating things now. I'll take the foot goo out tonight when I take him his evening hay.

I'm hoping to remember to pick up a Valley Trader tonight so that I can see about getting a hay delivery soon. I need to clean up the hay barn, for sure, and start thinking about the fall/winter season storage in there. And, as alwasy, I should do something with fleeces again soon. SVFF is in a month, and then NYS&W is three weeks after that. Getting some fleeces skirted would be good so that I can compete/sell at both festivals. I am really looking forward to show season again. I'd like to see how Ari stacks up against the competition.

I keep forgetting to pick tomatoes. Oh, well.
22nd-Aug-2013 10:16 pm (UTC)
"It was like a poop cannon in reverse!" Quote of the Day
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