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We have a new goat today. I picked him up this morning.

Curley is a baby cashmere buck. He is fuzzy white with narrow horns, flyaway ears, and a reasonable voice. He is somewhere between Loki and Summer in size, but more like Loki in maturity (or lack thereof).

He wasn't so traumatized by the ride as to refuse sweet feed when he was let loose in the barn. He's in the stall/run next to Summer, Loki and Aerin. I can't really call that "quarantine" because they can sniff noses and get acquainted right through the fence - any diseases will transfer right over.

What is cashmere? It is the soft undercoat of a number of different types of goats. Cashmere is between 6 and 12 microns (I think), and is incredibly soft. While a person can shear a cashmere goat and then separate out the underhair, the hair separation process to get the cashmere is a real pain or very expensive. The other way to gather cashmere fiber is to brush the goat with a slicker brush and then separate out the odd outer coat hairs that get caught. This process takes a number of brushings over a few weeks.

I plan to brush Curley when he blows his undercoat in the spring.

Depending on Curley's final size and what Summer's health is like, we might try for white cashgoras next fall. MMMM soft!

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