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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Good-bye to Owen and Krys! 
22nd-Sep-2013 04:22 pm
Owen and Krys were picked up this afternoon by a pair of hobby farmers from near Charlottesville. They are at least named-acquaintances of Peavine Hollow Farm, so should have plenty of local goat support. The ladies specifically wanted hornless goats to go in with their alpacas.

Achaosofkittens trimmed their toes and I put good-goo between their toes one more time. While the ladies where here, I de-wormed and de-loused the boys and talked about how and what and when. I will follow have followed up with an email that has all of the important details. They seem like good people, and I'm pleased with this sale.

ETA: Owen is now Madiba and Krys is now Tapioca. Yanno, I'm happy with whatever floats their boats. And actually, I'm pleased that they have slightly interesting names, too. To me, it shows some creativity and interest on the part of the new owners.
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