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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
The next exciting farm adventure will be chickens. 
3rd-Oct-2013 11:19 am
Back in July, I mentioned thinking about chickens, and how I was looking at various mobile chicken coops. From that browsing, I determined that mobility and cleanliness are both high on my list. Despite the lovely designs, wooden chicken coops are never quite clean again once they are used. Metal ones conduct temperature too much. But we live in the modern age, so everything is possible. After looking around at the various options, I decided that the Omlet Eglu Go system was the right way to go for starter chicken owners, because it completely breaks down for cleaning, is lightweight, and is very easy to move around the yard. ("...slide out dropping trays, hose clean surfaces, twin walled insulated, no maintenance")

For an anniversary gift, Achaosofkittens got me the Eglu Go and two chicken run extenders. Those extenders are key to keeping chickens and puppy separated, I'm sure, and I appreciate his foresight. Since the garden is done for the year, that is my target location for setting up the coop at least to start. If I manage to get them set up in the next two weeks, then we will have eggs hopefully just in time for Amazonmink and Thunderbird 1956 to enjoy while we leave on vacation. If the Eglu Go works out well, then perhaps we will upgrade to the Cube later on next year.
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