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Happy first chicken egg day; happy first coop cleaning day

Last night, I had resolved that I would clean the chicken coop this morning. My plan worked perfectly, but took longer than I would like. I will have to figure out how to speed it up, or change when I get up in order to accomodate the timing. I also want a different/better light that is perhaps more waterproof.

After yesterday's eye-watering experience of opening the back of the coop, I decided to air it out before attempting to stick my face near it again. So this morning, I put the dog away first, then did chicken chores. Chickens don't like dark, so I snagged the big square battery light as my first tool in the migration. Before I let the chickens out, I grabbed the coop run by the end and dragged the entire contraption about 5 feet forward and to one side of where it had been, so the chickens would have new grass. I turned on the light and laid it face-down on the top of the coop run away from the Eglu, then opened the coop door for the chickens to come out into the run. Then I took hay out to the goats while the coop aired out somewhat and the chickens settled into fake-light morning.

I came back, locked the chickens out of the Eglu, and took off the back door, which had poop on it (of course). I carried the door over to the front pasture water spigot, and went back for the two floor pieces. There was a brief, celebratory pause in the cleaning process while I carried the first egg over to the waiting egg carton in the hay barn. I took the two floor layers over to the water spigot - horizontally so as not to dump poop everywhere - and then shook them out in the triangle area by the front pasture. I propped all three squares (door, roosting floor, bottom cover) against the fence and sprayed them clean. I carried all three pieces back in one trip, shaking the water off as I walked. I put new straw around the nesting dish, and closed it all back up. I did remember to re-open the coop for the chickens to go back inside. As a final settling-down of the chickens, I dumped and refilled their water dish and put out new chicken chow. (By that time it was pretty bright dawn, though I know this will change soon.) I turned off my light, grabbed the light and my new egg, and that was it.

It's noteworthy that the egg was both brown and cool to the touch when I picked it up this morning. The color means that my red star chicken laid it (she is the only brown-egg layer) and the temperature means that she isn't broody. She dumped it and left it. This is good.
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