a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Chicken update II

Our chicken adventure is still going well. We've gotten 10 eggs in 8 days. Six of those eggs are brown, which I'm assuming means they are coming from the red star chicken. So one chicken is producing 60% while the two leghorns are producing 20% each (I'm guessing).

My solar lights seem to be suffering from too much shade due to the location of the coop. So I've taken to turning on a battery-powered camping light for the chickens in the morning when I start chores at 6AM. It is bright enough to get them out and scratching, so hopefully that extra time will keep the chickens happy enough to keep producing. Once all the leaves fall and/or I've moved the coop all the way across the front yard, maybe the solar lights will work better.

Three chickens is definitely plenty for that Eglu coop. I'm cleaning off the coop floor every other day, and honestly think it could use hosing off every day if I were a better chicken-mommy. If I lose one of the leghorns, I probably won't replace her right away. That's a LOT of poop.

Home/fresh eggs do make a good dinner, though. Last night I had an egg and bacon sandwich on toasted wheat bread. The eggs were both tasty and had good texture. I will likely do that again tonight. Mmmmm.
Tags: chickens, food

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