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Far-flung goat updates: Owen & Krys, and Mona

I checked in with Owen and Kry's new owner to see how it's been after a month:

They have fit in very well with our alpacas. All are friendly to each other after 2-3 days. Madiba and Tapioca are very loving and enjoy being stroked, particularly between their legs. When I stop, they start nibbling my clothes for more attention. Tapioca calls to the three goats across the road from their pasture. Next week, we plan to introduce them to each other.

I trimmed their nails last week. Tapioca's nails seem rather soft and fragmented. Otherwise, they seem happy in their new home. I'm still looking for someone to shear them. I'm very happy with them and love their personalities.

We had the vet look at them 2 weeks ago, as he was here to check on the cria and the alpaca herd. He thought M&T looked very healthy, cautioned me not to feed them too much. Seems to be some disagreements in the copper department. Samantha was worried about alpacas getting even a little goat feed because of the copper in it. Vet said not to worry. Some mornings I bring them honeysuckle that I clip from my driveway which they love.

I checked in with Mona's new owner as well:

Mona is doing fine, she fit right in here. Definitely looking forward to kidding this year- have a giant kidding window unfortunately, December- March- I'll be busy. I was actually going to email you asking whether there was any possibility of Mona being bred before she came to my farm? I was just feeling for kids on a couple does that are due in December and I thought I could feel a large kid in Mona as well, but I wouldn't have been able to feel a kid yet if she has been bred since she got here. I was just wondering if it was a possibility, like if maybe she shared a fence line with one of your bucks- or maybe I am just feeling things, which is for sure a possibility.

Hope everything is going well at your farm!

(The reason Mona looks pregnant is that she was in with the girls who *were* pregnant last year, and ate like a pregnant goat, while not actually *being* pregnant. There were no boys sharing the fenceline at all since last December. She is just amazingly fat.)
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