a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

The proof is in the pasture.

I have been gone for two weeks. My most awesome farm-sitting friends have been taking care of everyone except the dog, who was boarded. The goat/llama routine has been grain in the morning and hay in the evenings. One of the friends expressed concern about whether one group of goats-plus-llama was getting enough food, and said that he had increased the llama's alfalfa pellets just in case.

I got outside this morning and took a good look at the goats and the pastures. Now, it's easy to just suddenly put out massive amounts of hay so that animals are full and there are traces of food everywhere right before I come home just to look like everyone has been fed fabulously the whole time*... But. If that had been the case, the pasture would have been destroyed and all the fallen leaves eaten. And it wasn't, and they weren't. The pastures look lovely while the goats are fat and sassy. The new grass that I just planted in October is filling in and growing nicely. Which means that the goats have been getting plenty of food the whole time we've been gone.

The proof, I tell you, is in the pasture.

I'm not saying that I ever thought my friends did this. I'm just saying that of course they didn't and now I can prove it, not just throw platitudes.
Tags: angoras, garden, goats, llamas

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