a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Weirdest goat smack-down ever

I moved Ari back into the buck pasture this evening. Sancho immediately put up his entire crest - from his head all the way to his tail - smacked Ari a few good ones, and announced his suit to be Ari's boyfriend. Ari was entirely uninterested in being the doe in the duo, and quite curious as to why Sancho did not smell like a buck, and so they turned into a white and black whirl around the pasture. Cookie was confused as to why Sancho was snorting it up with no girls around, so tagged behind the two as they raced back and forth from the gate to the barn. Little buckling Ricky thought this was a great time to let Loki know how cute he thought the big redhead was, and nearly lost a leg for his affections. (Loki doesn't fight cleanly at all.)

The major players in all of this, Ari and Cookie, barely traded more than a few nods and taps. Ari has no interest in challenging his father for any kind of dominance, and Cookie appears to know it. So unless something random happens overnight, those two have kept the peace. It's going to be a limping baby Ricky that I have to anticipate.
Tags: angoras, breeding, goats

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