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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
The chicken egg story continues 
17th-Nov-2013 12:07 am

Continuing the story of the puzzling eggs, Saturday's egg haul was two *white* eggs and a membrane. I'm guessing it is a membrane because it looked like half of a popped balloon.

So my theory that one of the white chickens is now just starting to lay is kinda debunked. It looks like my red star chicken had some kind of stress problem that caused her to go off laying for a few days. If I get brown eggs again tomorrow or Monday, I'll know for sure.

To demonstrate how Thursday's not-quite-white egg threw me off, here are the Wed/Thurs/Sat eggs all lined up. The Wednesday white, Wednesday brown, Thursday tan, and then Saturday speckled-white are all in a row. (The shiny ones are just wet from being washed.)

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