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more chicken thoughts

Apparently the whacko shell-less egg episode is over for now. We are back to light brown eggs. Hopefully that means that the trend is reversing, and we will be back to dark brown eggs after that, and things will move merrily along.

I went back to my chicken math post from 10/17 and checked my spreadsheet. I have some updated numbers and projection on how much chicken feed I'm using. So here are my updated inputs/outputs numbers:

Chicken chow: $20/bag, lasts 6 weeks. (Actually $17/bag plus tax.)
Eggs produced: 1.6 average per day, or 11.2 per week (includes the first week, but only counts edible product)
Eggs produced after the first week: 1.7 average per day, or 12 per week (edible eggs only)
Cost of a dozen "free range" eggs at the farmer's market: around $4. (I can find them for $3.50 sometimes.)

To break even on just the feed costs (not the cost of the actual chickens, coop, etc.), I should produce approximately 5 dozen eggs in six weeks. Right now, I'm on track for a smidge under that. And these are my winter numbers. As the days turn around and get longer next spring, the chickens will start laying more. I'm very encouraged.
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