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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Yearly goat and llama check-up 
29th-Jan-2014 04:18 pm
Goldie pbhttt
It was a cold (14 degrees) and sunny day for my whole-herd checkup this afternoon. All of the goats got their annual shots and general blessing from the vet. Because "my" vet has retired to small animal practice, I had the singular honor of having the owner of the practice out with The New Guy. They did a fine job taking care of shots, grinding down Herc's teeth, and ooh'ing over my chicken coop.

No one believes that Jared and Loki are the same age anymore. Loki looks like an old man, and Jared just looks a little past his prime. Summer has gained the title "scratch and dent goat" for her cow-hocks, broken horn, and general disheveled appearance. Both doctors agree that Hercules's descriptive title of "Fucking Big Llama" is exactly right. Hercules behaved very well for the vets, and got lots of praise for his general calm demeanor.
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