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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Oops. Ginger's boy is a girl, and other farm news 
16th-Mar-2014 07:40 pm
Mythbusters Reality - white
As is usual, when the kids were born, I hung around the barn long enough to see them eat and pee. Dahlia's kid was fearless and right in front of me for both occasions. On the other hand, while I had seen Ginger's kid pee, the kid had been on the far side of Ginger where I couldn't get a good look at *how*.

Apparently when I picked him her up to check sex at the very newborn stage last Monday, she had her tail glued to her rump in such a way that I mistook it for testicles. Or something. I really don't recall now. Oops. I'm actually quite relieved, now, because I was concerned about him her relative 2/3 size and heartiness as compared to Dahlia's baby boy. Now I'm not nearly as concerned about either. She is doing fine for her age and sex. I also think a Shakespearian name like Viola is in the offing...

Dahlia's boy continues to be quite the precocious and fearless little stunt man. He is already budding horns at a week old, and has started nibbling on grain already as well.

Edited to add: Shakespeare's cross dressing girls -

The Two Gentlemen of Verona: Julia​
The Merchant of Venice: Jessica, Portia, and Nerissa​
As You Like It: Rosalind​
Twelfth Night: Viola​
Cymbeline: Imogen​
17th-Mar-2014 12:22 am (UTC)
Viola sounds perfect for a girl masquerading as a boy! :-D Glad they're doing well.
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