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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Books: Moonscapes, edited by Dean Westley Smith (Fiction River #6) 
5th-Apr-2014 10:46 am
Today to Read
Moonscapes, edited by Dean Westley Smith. Science Fiction Anthology. Paperback, 251 pages. Fiction River #6.

It's just my jaded urban fantasy brain that told me this would be a werewolf, vampire, drama-and-angst anthology. It's not. It's science fiction, for the most part, and some of it was reasonably "hard science" at that. There was plenty of personal angst and discovery, to be sure, but there was also an exploration of why moons are so cratered, how genetics can be influenced by planets, and why the earth's moon is such a dusty desert.

"Hot Jupiters," by Steven Mohan, Jr., started annoyingly and ended brilliantly.
"The Old Guy," by Annie Reed, explored the need for dreamers to be included in any scientific group.
"The Toy That Ran Away," by Scott William Carter, was way more of an old Sam Spayed story than science fiction.
"The Payment," by Maggie Jaimeson, was sweet and sad.
"Caressing Charon," by Ryan M. Williams, just annoyed me.
"Moon Shine," by Matthew Leiber Buchman, was a waste of paper.
"Dreams of a Moon," by Dean Westley Smith, had some interesting time/space physics in it.
"The Moon Was Bitter and Hungry," by JC Andrijeski, took a while to get to an intriguing point.
"The Verdant Gene," by Marcelle Dubé, didn't have a lot to do with the moons but the planet. I call cheating! But it was still a very good story.

* "Moonfall," by Lisa Silverthorne, was the most emotionally powerful for me. Nomination-worthy.

"A Murder of Clones," by Kristine Kathryne Rush, was either too long or too short. There were too many pieces and parts that weren't substantially explored, and yet not enough plot.

I continue to be pleased with this subscription, and glad to be reading them.

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