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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Books: Clean Sweep, by Ilona Andrews 
10th-Apr-2014 09:52 pm
Today to Read
Clean Sweep, by Ilona Andrews. Urban Fantasy (YA). Paperback, 227 pages. Keeping it.

Clean Sweep was written and posted to the Internet chapter by chapter. This allowed instant feedback from interested fans, but not any major re-writes. The plot and descriptions were there to stay. That is a good excuse for some of the feeling that the story seems choppy and unfinished in places.

That said, I liked it. The story is about an innkeeper (Dina Demille) and her inn (Gertrude Hunt), sitting in a little town in Texas, about four hours from Dallas. Something big and evil is killing the neighborhood dogs, and the local werewolf (who doesn't know the origins of werewolves) won't do anything about it at first. So the usually neutral innkeeper and her attack Shih Tzu have to figure out what this thing is, who brought it to the neighborhood, and how to get rid of it. And the next one. And what to do about the vampires...

I recommend it to people who want a fun little magical romp with some romance (and assault - properly handled by throwing him into a tree) and a lot of poorly introduced magical and technical advances. This was a nice big service of brain candy. Yum, but not a lot of thought for later.

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11th-Apr-2014 05:19 pm (UTC)
Yes, Sean is the local werewolf. He got out of the Army and bought a house in the neighborhood just next to this inn. None of the neighbors seem to know what he is, but Dina certainly does. The story starts with a dead dog, and Dina asking Sean what he is going to do about something killing dogs in "his" territory.
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