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Book: Fated, by Benedict Jacka

Fated, by Benedict Jacka. Urban Fantasy. Paperback, 295 pages. First in the series.

The first in the Alex Verus novels, it came recommended to us as a "Dresden type" of story. It lived up to the recommendation, being as fluffy and uncomplicated as I recall the first Butcher book to be. The main male is singly-flawed, the female sidekick is similarly two dimensional, the walk-ons are all characters (and mostly good fun to read) and the plot pulls everyone together nicely.

This was a fast book with good humor, easy imagery, and lots of twists and turns through character confrontations. The main character's magic is as a diviner - he can see all of the futures - and so is both very powerful and not magically forceful at the same time. It is an interesting character challenge, to surprise someone who can see the future. I appreciate how every major plot twist was telegraphed in advance without being wearyingly predictable.

I recommend it to fans of the early (first five) Harry Dresden books.

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