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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Sheared llamas are not waterproof, and other tales of rain 
30th-Apr-2014 12:53 pm
Jessie has an opinion
We have been enjoying strong rainfall since Tuesday morning. The various outdoor animals have had predictable reactions to the wet.

Hercules is avoiding the rain on anything but his head right now. Hercules was sheared last week, and so is wearing a little, fuzzy, sponge-type jacket rather than his long, fluffy, rain-sheading coat. Unsurprisingly, he is now not so happy about playing out in the rain at 45 degrees. When I went out this morning for chores, Herc was crammed into the barn with the goats, standing over the smaller ones to ensure that he was not in the rain. The girl goats (especially Summer, who likes to beat up on him) seemed rather surprised by his refusal to either give 'way or go away.

Sancho is my cat-in-goat-form, who will avoid rain even at the cost of breakfast. Sancho is short haired, as compared to all of the fully-fleeced Angoras that I have. So he doesn't have any insulation against either rain or cold. When I brought breakfast out to the boys this morning, Richie was there at the gate to greet me, followed by Loki. Ari and Cookie stayed back a few feet, but were definitely in the reception committee. Sancho came galloping out of the barn, yelled at me in good Russell-cat fashion, and ran back into the barn. I did take pity on him enough to give him his breakfast in the barn (and Cookie promptly challenged him).

The chickens don't really seem to care about the rain. I read in my Guide to Raising Chickens that they evolved from the jungle. I'm assuming that is where the water-shedding/ignoring qualities come from. Or maybe they are just "goldfish of the farm" and don't know any better. It's worth noting, in case anyone cares, that their food dish has a waterproof overhang, and their coop is plenty large enough for three (they sleep inside of it every night) when they want to huddle down and stay dry.

The dog either does or does not like rain, depending on whether she has a person-escort or is sent out on her own. When I just throw her out the door to do her business, she stands on under the porch overhang and pouts. When I actually go out with her and walk down the front path in the rain, she acts like it's just another sunny day in the poopin' business, with occasional full-body-shake-n-sprays. She also likes to drink out of puddles and sometimes deliberately trot through them.
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30th-Apr-2014 05:47 pm (UTC)
I'm a little picky/paranoid about everyone having enough shelter. I pay attention to the goat politics, and move anyone who is pushed outside into the weather to the point of suffering to some other field/shelter/group. For example, Jared is back with the adult girls even though he should be up front with the boys because Loki was picking on him to the point of not sharing shelter. (They were historic rivals every year, so getting both of them castrated didn't stop their specific-against-each-other fighting.) Summer-goat is in with the little girls for the same reason - she is very much an aloof goat who doesn't want to take any attitude from those big adult girls. She'd preferentially stand in the rain to avoid being anywhere near Alys or Mona (sold last fall).
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