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Books: Sparrow Hill Road

Sparrow Hill Road, by Seanan McGuire. Urban fantasy. Paperback, 307 pages. Stand-alone but part of the InCryptid universe. Keeping it.

They call her many names in many ghost stories. She is the phantom hitchhiker, forever sweet sixteen, forever dressed in her small town prom dress...

This is a McGuire book. It's choppier than most, as time is flexible and so is place in her version of a ghost story/InCryptid journal article. It also is mostly told in first person (blech) with the wisdom of the dead and the faded-hope a possible eternity as a wandering spirit written into the narration.

It wasn't the end yet, but still, I cried. It felt good.

I picked up the book because Seanan McGuire wrote the song "Pretty Little Dead Girl" and then called her own song a lie based on a tale based on history. I recommend it to ghost story anthropologists who want to see where the story is going next.

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