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Books: Night Owls, by Lauren Roy

Night Owls, by Lauren M. Roy. Urban Fantasy. Paperback, 296 pages. First in the series. Giveawaybox.

A stereotypically rebellious modern vampire (who is avoiding nightmares about a trope-humoring-horrible fight with the usual bad guys) runs a stereotypically outré bookstore in a college town with her trope-requisite loyal-and-mouthy human sidekick. Their quiet life is interrupted when a set of bad guys chases a spunky loner girl into the house of a formerly active, all-knowing professor...

Yeah. It was a book of grafted characters and tropes, all of which I've read before. In the end, this book spent so much time establishing far to many characters' backstoies and motivations that the plot got squashed flat and kicked aside. The most interesting characters were the succubi, but they weren't given enough screen time.

Roy is a reasonable author, and has some talent for dialog. So if I hadn't already read so many books with the same setup, I would probably have enjoyed this book more. I wish she had picked a slightly less generic plot through which to channel her talent. If I see another book with her name on it, I will probably try it out just to see if she gets tighter and stronger in her storytelling.

I got this in a box of beach bag books. I really can't recommend it on its own, but only as a gateway to a new series.

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