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Goat people visiting me

Last Saturday, I hosted an older couple who have a pair of Angora does to breed. They wanted to see my boys and talk about breeding standards. Today, I hosted a younger couple (ok, by looks only, apparently they have grown-and-gone children) to talk about All Things Angora. They are horse people who both have their own horses and dogs as well as work horse rescue and Great Dane rescue. They have acres and acres of cleared pasture, and mostly reasonable fencing for at least the adults goats.

The woman is a vegetarian, so it's either going to be milk or hair goats for them. They told me their tour of a milk goat farm was a disaster, both for the dirt/crud/poop at that farm and the insanity of the woman they met. I got complimented on the fact that they could not smell poop even while standing in the goat yard (yay for a few days without rain!) and that my boys were both friendly and not stinky. Loki-goat showed off beautifully, as did Madeline and Lily.

Today's tour and discussion took almost three hours. They asked really good questions about goats, feed and fencing, and then about fiber processing. I told them what I had learned and how it worked for me, and we brainstormed on how it would work differntly for them. I gave them a copy of the goat newsletter for a better reference of local goat farmers. I recommended that they talk to a few more locals before the Shenandoah show, and then come to the show to listen to the judge and comparison shop. For starting small, I recommended that they start with two bred does and a wether. That way, they can start with just one pasture of goats and a backup pasture in case any of the kids are male and stay uncut.

I hope that they decide to get Angoras. These people are smart, do their homework, and are not rushing into anything. From the questions they asked, I expect that they will end up breeding fantastic goats and having a good product from them. Here's to hoping!
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