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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Books: Magic Breaks, by Ilona Andrews 
1st-Aug-2014 12:12 pm
Today to Read
Magic Breaks, by Ilona Andrews. Urban Fantasy. Hardback, 400 pages. Book 7 in the Kate Daniels series. keeping it.

It was good. It had the humor, action, pathos, angst, and swirl that I expect from this series. The escalation of violence was ok, but the named-body count got a little high for less reason than I think was justified.

Kate Daniels, swordswoman and mage, has been growing in noteriety and power throughout the series. She has grown and changed from a brutish mercenary - with few friends and fewer loyalties - to the Alpha-Consort of Atlanta, with all of the relationships and political machinations that requires.

Unfortunately, the basis of Kate's natural powers is her father: the all-powerful, millenia-old ruler of the undead now called Roland. Every time Kate has called on her innate magic to battle gods and monsters, that blood has betrayed its source. For a few books, Roland's warlord Hugh has been stalking and pursuing Kate in a psychotic obsession only partly driven by a desire to please Roland. And each attempt has broken on the rocks of Kate's friends and powers. So now Roland is coming to see her for himself...

The story itself was a lot more general sadism and idiocy than even the previous one. As I said in my brief, the named-body count was senselessly high, and Hugh's cleverness really wasn't as nuanced as I had hoped it would be. The cameo appearences by Ted, Nick, Mauro, and others didn't forward the plot all that well, but did tie up a couple of loose threads.

The author's introduction was very useful, and helped set expectations for where this book might end. The reveal of the traitor was satisfactory, and explained the betrayals in the previous book as well as this one. The conclusion of the story was telegraphed about two stories back, and fit very well. There are only so many times the plot can twist before it crosses back over itself, so I wasn't at all surprised by the ending.

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3rd-Aug-2014 02:42 am (UTC)
Ok, no perhaps I should go back and reread the intro from the authors...
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