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Cast in Flame, by Michelle Sagara

Cast in Flame, by Michelle Sagara. Fantasy. Giant paperback, 492 pages. Book 10 in the Chronicles of Elantra. Keeping it.

If you don't remember Cast in Ruin and also Cast in Sorrow, go back and read those two or you will be completely lost this time around. In complete contrast to the slog that was Cast in Silence, this story doesn't wait for you to catch up.

Kaylin is back from the West March and still needs a new apartment, so she tries to go apartment hunting. Her roommate doesn't make such an endeavor an easy or even possible task. Then Evanton offers a possible address, and Kaylin gets to use all of what she has learned from Tara and the Hallionne to explain to yet another sentient building what home really means in mortal minds. In the meantime, one of Teela's childhood friends wakes both Castle Nightshade and the ancestors who live in it, pisses off the water elemental, and causes a pack of Ferals to roam directly into the city.

This story ranks about in the middle of the best/worst rankings. It had more of Kaylin's deliberate refusal of power, and more of her "you don't understand mortals" lectures. It also had more of my favorite secondary characters (though never enough).

I bought the book to redeem the last two. I recommend it only to people following the whole series.

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