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More goat name silliness: The Dark is Rising

Bah! I've been stuck in meetings or on the phone almost every moment of the day so far, except for when I've been in the lab watching an error resolution fail flat.

I was thinking about following in the book names theme from last year, but use only a single book/series this year if I could get away with it. (Aerin was from The Hero and the Crown; Loki was from Time Gods.)

Jared is a black* angora and is supposed to be the daddy of all the kids coming next year. So...

The Dark Is Rising series:

Some characters, place and subject names that I can remember right now at work: Merriman Lyon; Will Stanton; Simon, Jane, and Barnabas Drew; Bran Davies; Cafall; Trewissick (I hope I spelled that right); Cornwall; harp; sword (yay, now that's original).

Derived goat names: Merry, Rema, Stanton, Simon, Jane, Barney, Nabas, Nabby, Drew, Bran (muffin? maybe not….), Davey, Triss, Wissick. No, I can’t derive a nice goat name from "Cornwall," and "Lyon" is a tad pretentious for a goat in my care.

Help me out here, tyratae and bluemeg - Who wields the Crystal Sword^? I could be sure Crystal's kid(s) get that name.

* Yeah, he’s a partially belted grey. That’s still black, genetically speaking.
^ Bummer, that I'm stuck at work without my library at hand. Man, work gets in the way of all my fun.

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