a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
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goats goats goats (and a bee) (I mean, "wasp")

On Sunday, there was some major goat wrestling, assisted by the goat himself, Quixotic_Goat. He and I dewormed *everyone*, deloused a selected some of them (specifically the kids, yearlings, and Summer), and trimmed toes on 15 goats. That count of 15 included the boys up front* and all of the kids/yearlings. The sinking evening temperatures are encouraging the boys to come into rut, which is why I've been pushing to take care of everything related to their feet (like having to grab their legs) before they get really ripe. They are no spring flowers right now, but I know for sure it will get worse very, very soon.

Generally speaking, I'm feeling a lot more confident that I'll be ready for the show in two weeks. My plan for this coming weekend is: trim the rest of the goat toes, take the trailer down to town for tire inflation/check, and start packing. I also need to set up the temporary-permanent fence (drive fence posts) for another breeding area up front. It will cut the dog's yard by half, but will hopefully keep everyone happily separated.

By the time we were out of time, I was tired, headachy, and slightly sneezy. I was also slightly bloody from nicked toe-quicks. I was not, however, breaking out in hives, filled with cement sinuses, or generally ready to crawl in the shower and die. Huzzah for allergy shots and meds.

There was sufficient crud and distraction when I put my arms in one of the goat water tubs to rinse off that I missed the half-drowned bee. It didn't miss me. It grabbed my arm and rode me back out of the water. It also decided to blame me for its misfortune and either bit me or stung me. I can't really tell which. It felt like a pinch more than a "sting," but I haven't been stung in so long and have suffered so many needle pricks for allergy shots that my "sting" recognition may be broken. My arm is still red today, so I'll be asking at the allergist's office this afternoon when I'm there for shots.

ETA: For the record, the nurse at the allergist's office said that this was consistent with a wasp sting rather than a bee sting. And either way, I got lucky. Either I'm one of the rare people who doesn't particularly react to wasps, or I didn't get a full load of stinger. Either way, I should count myself blessed.

For my records, the goats that are left for toe trimming are: Alys, Anna, Dahlia, Jared, Lerris, Pan, and Scout. We skipped Sancho because he just doesn't need it that often.
Tags: angoras, animals, goats

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