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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Hawaii Day 6 - Waimea Canyon, North Shore Surf Shop, crepes, slacking 
6th-Oct-2014 10:17 pm
Slacking wins. I will hopefully replace this post with real content tomorrow.

We went north to visit the beautiful and historic Waimea Valley. The entire valley, from the mountain waterfall to the ocean beach, is a park and nature preserve. There is a paved road from the entrance gate all the way up to the falls. Leading off of that main artery are multiple themed garden collections that demonstrate the evolution of the hibiscus, the varieties of heleconia, the colors of ginger, etc. We spent a good three hours there and got through maybe a quarter of the gardens. All of it was spectacular to see and mostly labeled, too.

We stopped for lunch at L&L's cafe in Haleiwa, an order-by-numbers burger-and-Korean chain. The raspberry iced tea really hit the spot. I asked a couple of locals for advice on buying a mask and snorkel, and they sent us back up the road a mile to Surf N Sea. If I ever come back and need/want surfing lessons or any kind of equipment, I definitely know where to go. The shop helper wasn't all that useful, but we managed to get the mid-level snorkel that I wanted.

On recommendation of our hosts, we went looking for Delice Crepe, a food truck offering sweet and savory crepes, as our afternoon break. We both got sweet ones, of course. The chef was a personable, lanky French guy with deceptive speed and a relaxed, surfer attitude that went well with the North Shore. The prices were in the $6-$7 range, which felt a bit high, but probably are what the market will bear. He didn't have much of a line, but he did have a steady trickle of customers even at 2 in the afternoon.
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