a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Let's do that goat baby thing again (breeding for 2015 kids)

Cookie and Anna had two weeks in the shag shack, from Oct 13-25. I'm ok if she doesn't catch; I'm honestly more interested in Ari continuing to produce awesome kids. Ari is now in the pen with Dahlia, Alys, and Ginger. They will probably stay there until the middle of December, or when the weather gets bad enough that I don't want to deal with a fourth pasture. So kid watch starts for Anna about March 10th (March 12th is earliest due date), and for Dahlia on March 22 (March 24 is earliest due date). I say Dahlia first because she is currently in heat and thinks Ari is the hottest guy she's ever seen. The other two girls are just complaining.
Tags: angoras, breeding, goats
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