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Books: The Slow Regard of Silent Things, by Patrick Rothfuss

The Slow Regard of Silent Things, by Patrick Rothfuss. Fantasy. Hardback, 159 pages. A side-step in the Kingkiller Chronicles. Keeping it.

Rothfuss is an author of lyrical prose and juxtaposed concepts. He likes to describe things in threes, be they adjectives or verbs. He has a way of glancing sideways at emotions that can cause the meaning to circle back and smack the reader in the back of the head a few paragraphs later. And his characters are almost always more and different than they seem.

This book is a love it or hate it kind of a story. It has things with names and days with attitudes. It has a main character who is broken and very self-aware, who lives in the broken place with broken things. And there are things that are not broken, but simply misplaced.

I enjoyed this story for what it was: a window into a world only hinted in the main story. I didn't find the story all that deep or meaningful, but I found it comforting. Pages 144-145 rang like a bell. And the implications at the end were... savory on my mental tongue. And I really enjoyed the author's afterward.

I recommend, if you choose to read this book at all, that you find a time and a space when you are slow and quiet and have the time to hear the words echo in your head. This is not a book to be rushed or sampled. Devote the entire book to one time, or vice versa.

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