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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Thinking about goat babies 
27th-Nov-2014 11:05 am
As a way of lowering the house sitting requirements this week, I called an end to breeding season on Sunday. All the good boys and girls (ok, the bad ones too) are back in their regularly scheduled pastures.

Cookie and Anna only had two weeks, but Anna is already looking rather round. So I have expectations (ha ha) that she will kid for 2015. Her earliest due date is March 12, and latest is March 24th.

Ari was in with Ginger, Alys, and Dahlia for exactly a month. The earliest kidding date is 3/24, but I am expecting that they will take a little longer. Dahlia is looking a little round, and Alys is causing wishful thinking, but Ginger hasn't started to fill out at all yet. Given one particular performance, I think that Ginger is going to kid on or about April 7th.

So, if I get any solid black girl kids, I'm considering naming them Hix or Whilp. Maybe a redhead would be Marisol. I'm in a rather McKinley mood, if you can't tell. (I've already had an Aerin, btw. She was Jessie's first kid. And a Maggy - daughter of Anna - so Margaret is out.)

Thinking about boys - while Ari was named for Beka's brother in Price of the Stars, there is another Ari that I've read. In the Joust series, Ari is one of the heroes of the first book. Kashet (Ari's dragon) isn't a bad name for a red goat. Kiron (the protagonist) could work for a black one, too.
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