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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Get used to disappointment (about goat babies) 
31st-Dec-2014 03:10 pm
Jessie has an opinion
Well. Hrm. It appears that Dahlia is in heat today. Scout was doing his wethered-best to help her out, which made it sorta hard to miss. So it's looking like we won't have a repeat of baby Diego coming this spring. I'm kinda disappointed, I admit. But really, I knew the risk when I pulled Ari after only a month in with the girls. Maybe next year.

Anna is obviously pregnant, and Alys is starting to have that roundness about her. However, I'm still not sure about Alys, though, or Ginger for that matter, to the point of making any bets even while I'm hopeful. Additionally, according to their former owner, Betty and Pansy are pregnant. And there is always the chance that Dahlia is in a false heat.

So I'm still expecting at least one goat baby, and a hysterical maximum of 12 if *everyone* possible has twins. That's good enough to keep the planning going.
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