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Goat anticipation

We are looking at 8 inches of snow coming today, but the highs should get into the 50s or maybe even 60 by the middle of next week. This weather change is a good thing, as kid goats are coming soon to a farm near me. Anna is due this very next Thursday, and then Alys/Ginger are due the following week. Ginger and Alys have started calling for their kids, so I'm definitely expecting them to kid in the next few weeks. Betty and Pansy are total question marks right now, though there is no doubt about their pregnancies at this point.

Thunderbird_1956 asked me if I had any names picked out yet. I don't really have any great ideas yet. Anna's kid(s) are the result of Cookie's last stand as stud, so maybe they should be Mouse and Moose (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, etc.). Alys's kids have been Apollo, Berry, and Cerryl, so maybe something starting with "D." Ginger's two kids have been Taffy and Viola.

In less pleasant news: Summer-goat picked yesterday to explode in scours. I treated her yesterday with dewormer and it appears not to have helped (yet) so I treated her today with Pepto, "cookie dough" (high sugar & nutrients), and probiotics sprinkled on sweet food mixed with alfalfa pellets. She is still up and eating, and appreciated the sweet feed. No one else appreciated being left out of the extra food, of course, but they don't need it. (If Summer's scours are not cleared up soon, and she doesn't replace what she's losing, she will die for lack of physical reserves. Hence the extra food.)
Tags: angoras, goats, kidding, naming, summer-goat

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