a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Goat mom update: one down, four to go

We are still at one baby and four pregnant moms. Anna's baby is bouncy and happy and trying to get out of her pen to explore. It's raining today, so Anna and baby are waiting until tomorrow for the baby's first day in the big world.

Yesterday, both Alys and Pansy were just standing around, panting. Given that the simile is a 9-months-pregnant woman wearing a fur coat in 70 degree weather, I can't blame them. And Alys was irritable enough that she had more than half of the big-goat side of the barn to herself. Even Scout was leaving her alone, and he's been quite the pushy goat lately.

Betty is getting a little more social with me. She will still run if I move toward her, but if I'm in the barn and I stand still, she'll come up to nibble my hand. I have hope that Pansy's upcoming confinement will help calm her down about me, but it depends on how much I have to do with/for her as a teenage mom.

I keep mistaking Taffy for her mom until I can see their full shapes. Ginger is definitely bigger and more pregnant, but just glancing at the hair or only a part of her head, I can't tell the difference in bad light. Which is kinda cool for Taffy, actually. Pretty girl!
Tags: angoras, goats

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