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Book: Those Who Fight Monsters, edited by Justin Gustainis

Those Who Fight Monsters, edited by Justin Gustainis. Urban Fantasy. E-book edition. Anthology.

The thematic construct of the book was urban fantasy crime-solving. The unspoken purpose of this book was to bring together short stories set in existing urban fantasy worlds and show them off to the readership. Every short story ended with both an author bio and a character bio, for our further edification about the series from which the story came. I picked it up exactly for that reason. I read a lot of urban fantasy, and am always interested in ways to taste-test more.

I enjoyed the stories. Some were a little pat and some were a little dark, but it was comprehensively a fine anthology. After reading the book and then looking at reviews of the full-length stories, I added five new series/authors to my to-read list: Jackie Kessler, Simon Green, Justin Gustainis, Mette Ivie Harrison, and Laura Anne Gilman (I've read Staying Dead but not the Hard Magic series). I'm also thinking I might go back to TA Pratt and read more of the Marla Manson world. (I read Blood Engines back in 2013.) There is, unfortunately, no more of Huff's Smoke and... series to consume, though it was great to get another Tony story.

I picked it up for a sample pack. I recommend it to others who would like the same.

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