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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Who are all you people? 
10th-Apr-2015 08:11 am

Hi, everyone.

I just looked at my LJ friends list this morning, and took off some more people who haven't posted in a while or with whom I don't exchange comments on LJ anymore. What I discovered is that there are a LOT of people on it who I don't recognize. While I'm happy that you all stopped by, I'm a little puzzled that you haven't said hi. But maybe you're shy? Maybe you are the people who come in the back of the auditorium just as the lights go down and sit at the very edge of the aisle seat. Or maybe you're waiting for the lights to come back up after the show before you make virtual eye contact?

Step over here, where the comments are screened, and let me know something about yourself. What drew you to this blog? Can I help you find your particular shiny treasure in my junkshop? Or are you just looking and I should let you browse on your own?

Pull up a chair. The tea is fresh, at least.
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