a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Sunday chickens and goats

On Sunday morning, I moved the chickens into the girl pasture. They immediately started digging up and eating earthworms. I'd rather that they were eating flies, honestly, but just digging up the matted old hay is good too. There is a lot of fallen hay along the upper fence line because that is where I hang hay baskets in good weather for the goats. That hay has killed off any chance of grass, and I would like to remedy this problem somehow. The first part of how is to stir up the hay and remove some of it so that I can put down grass seed and have it grow.

On Sunday afternoon, I discovered that I had not latched the connecting gate across the two halves of the barn in the back field correctly, and the two goat groups had 100% switched places (but Herc stayed where he was). So I just closed the gate. I'll switch everyone back after the rain today or tomorrow.

Of course, this morning I found that the two redhead baby boys had sneaked back into "their" side of the barn and were very disoriented and unhappy to discover no moms when they woke up. I relocated the wanderers without too much trouble.
Tags: angoras, chickens, goats, kids

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