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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Last baby goat has a name: Soma 
8th-May-2015 11:05 am
Gift-goat Pansy, from Misty Mountain Farm, had a dark brown daughter. Originally, I was going to name her "Iris" after the brown and yellow flowers that are growing in our garden. But the name just wasn't sticking. We talked about the names of good chocolate, and how "Godiva" is already taken (that's the name of Maggy and Apollo's son* down at Gaited Manor at Park Gate), and that Ghirardelli just is an odd name for a goat. Then the name "Soma" came up.

The syllable combination of "Soma" is apparently widespread. In Pakistani, it means "moon" while in Hungarian it means "horn." It is the Greek word for "body." It is the name of towns in Japan, Iran, Turkey, and Gambia. In Hindu and Zoroastrian tradition, it is the name of a ritual drink and a plant. In modern science it is the name for the cell body of a neuron. It's the colloquial name for a muscle relaxant drug. And in modern Government acronym-ese, it is service-oriented modeling and architecture.

In my world, Soma is a really good chocolate shop. And now, the name of a goat.

*Maggy Lynn is a daughter of Jessie by Jared. Apollo is the first son of Alys by Loki, and the only breeding descendent of Loki's line.
12th-May-2015 02:19 pm (UTC)

I like seeing other people look up ALL the THINGs about a word before using it - makes me feel less weird :)

I'd only really heard the of soma as the Vedic ritual drink (go strong mythological/gaming foundations), but as many of the others likely are derived from that I'll consider it a win. Well, actually I'm sure I did know at some point that the soma is the description for the cell body of a neuron (vs. the axon and dendrites) as I took a neurology class, but as I had to go look it up and see a diagram to refresh that memory, I don't think it counted :)

Though in searching, it appears you may have understated it's usage/popularity. Soma Intimates apparently has multiple stores in our area, there is bike frame manufacturer, an architectural firm, a brand new PC horror game... and the list goes on.
12th-May-2015 02:39 pm (UTC)
Of course I'm going to look up possibly foreign names. I don't want to end up accidentally naming a goat "Gammelfleisch" or something equally gross.

Oh, yes, there are a LOT of "Soma" stores around. Also, you skipped the reference to the hallucinogenic drug out o Brave New World...
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