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2015 Kids - names, parents, dates, photos

Welcome to the Giant Cricket Farm Class of 2015!

Hope (Anna x Cookie) was born March 24.
Corene and Ivan (Alys x Ari) were born on April 6.
Simon (Ginger x Ari) was born on April 7.
Misty (Betty x UNK) was born on April 20.
Soma (Pansy x UNK) was born on April 26.
no one has ear tags yet, but the numbers should be 65-71

Hope - Her father Cookie died on January 12, so she is the last of that particular blend. So, her name is as simple as the thought: I hope she is a good one.
Corene - She is the firey daughter of Queen Alys in Troubled Waters
Ivan - He is the only son of Countess Alys Vorpatril in the Vorkosigan Saga
Simon - He has cute white boots. He is named for the character who is the main reason for the movie Kinky Boots. "These boots are made for walkin'..."
Misty - She is the daughter of a gift-goat from Misty Mountain Farm and is various shades of grey and white.
Soma - She is also from Misty Mountain Farm, but she is such a pretty brown that she is named after the Soma Chocolate Factory in Toronto.

Photos are behind the cut. Of particular pleasure is the photo of Corene with her great-grandmother Jessie.

Hope 5-7-15

Corene and Jessie
Corene and Jessie 5-7-15

Ivan and Hercules
Ivan and Herc 5-1-15

Simon and Hercules
Simon and Herc 5-1-15

Misty 5-7-15

Soma 5-7-15
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