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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
The glorious continuing karmic payback of Talla-goat 
18th-May-2015 09:02 am
Apparently the karmic payback for giving Talla-goat back to her family three years ago after they suffered a herd loss is still continuing to come down on my head. Talla-goat's mom called on Sunday, returning my call about going to Ohio this coming weekend. She'd love to get a group together on Saturday night for dinner. Oh, and did I want one or both of Talla's yearlings? They are both female color-carriers (they look white).

Because I know that integration into a herd is tough, if I take one*, I'll be taking both. Goats often socialize on the buddy system - look at Betty and Pansy together vs. Lily all alone - and will have a lot less stress if they have a friend. *And who am I kidding? I'll be taking both.

With Lily and Richie, Betty and Pansy, and these upcoming goats, I'll likely not have to buy goats for a long time. In fact, in order to keep my winter stress levels down, I'll have to get rid of some goats by next fall.
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