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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Books: Dragon in Exile 
21st-May-2015 09:37 pm
Read Irresponsibly
Dragon in Exile, by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. Hardback, 404 pages. Book 18 in the Liaden Universe. Keeping it.

Holy cow, that was a fun second half to the book. A seriously large percentage of loose threads from all of the Surebleak side of the plot have been pulled together, and two HUGE... um... call-ups? reach-backs? ...opened up. One of them I have been suspecting for a long while. The other was quite a surprise. When I got to the point where the character named Tocohl was introduced, I started to cry. Hellspark is a favorite book of mine (I've had goats named Maggy Lynn and Kagan), but I have never had the nerve to consider naming any animal for her. This just... felt right.

The authors continue their rehabilitation of the characterizations of Kareen. "Lord of the Dance" is now firmly in a parallel universe. Syl Vor and his relationship with Kezzi is more told than seen, which is fine because this time the story is more Quin's to tell.

After Plan B, this is probably the most opaque of the stories to try to read without previous context. There are unhappy points, too. There is a lot of fighting and we are introduced to the beginning of the ending that Ren Zel foresaw. But hey, the Tree threatened to take out a tour bus. It wasn't epic, but it was sure good for a laugh.
31st-May-2015 10:57 pm (UTC)
I think it drops on Tuesday. I think I got the early release due to ordering the inscribed hardback.
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