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Gardening today

We did some gardening today. We acquired many plants today and then planted most of them. We got a lemon mint and a reed for the pond. We got another tomato for the back deck (that makes three that still need planting). We got three little tiny plants for the frog terrarium. And we got regular garden plants too. The front goat-center yard got three pumpkins again this year - two reglar size and one small pie. We are skipping on doing tomatoes or cucumbers this year out back. Instead, it's going to be nearly all peppers and herbs back there: tabasco, habeñero, jalapeño, lemon grass, two kinds of basil, oregano... and watermelons. If the drive-by deer don't eat the watermelons, we should have plenty this year. And the weird addition to the garden this year is two peanut plants. I have no idea if they will grow, thrive, get eaten, or what, but we felt like trying something new.

While we were gardening, we let the goats out into the garden with us. Now that we have a perimeter fence, I'm far less concerned about losing goats during a long, only semi-supervised evening. I let everyone from the back pastures out together, so it was a good-sized mob* roaming around with us. We had a few goats try to sample the new plants, but with so much else to eat, they were easily discouraged. Anna-goat decided to retreat early back up the hill, and when I put everyone away later, I discovered that she had cleaned out the hayrick without any competition. Smart.

Photo of tags
plant tags image

Missing from the photo: habeñero peppers, sugar baby watermelon, large watermelon.

* Jessie, Dahlia, Taffy, Madeline, Pan, Fiona, Lily, Anna & Hope, Alys & Corene & Ivan, Ginger & Simon, Betty & Misty, Pansy & Soma.
Tags: garden, goats
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