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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Catching up on the farm: garden, goats, llama 
12th-Jun-2015 09:07 am
The deer has eaten my sunflowers, the hosta, the roses, and half of my hanging tomatoes. The tomatoes on the back porch are doing fine, though. I haven't even looked at the back garden (which needs watering), but I'm thinking the peanuts aren't going to make it. Achaosofkittens put tomato fence (looks like no-climb but lighter-weight) around my watermelons, so they are at least not being eaten yet.

I gave up cleaning Hope's toes with goo because it was making her more and more skittish around me, and just gave her a Neuflor shot. That was the correct answer in the short term; she's up and bouncing today. Her horns are also regrowing, which may not be the best for us.

The llama got his bad haircut at Achaosofkittens' hands over Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Herc was *so* well-behaved that CK was able to get a lot more hair off than usual, and sheared him very close across his barrel and back. While there is a risk of sunburn, I have faith that Hercules will know to stay in the shade when it's this hot.
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