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Goat goals for the fall: breeder's flock or get of sire, and perhaps some sales

Ever since I finally picked up a championship ribbon for my goats, I've been looking at what I can make/get using Ari as a sire for the next generation of GCF goats. The last year, I got only Diego and Viola, which didn't give me much indication of Ari's true genetic character, but did give me some clues that he was not passing a strong color gene. (Diego has the lovely recessive stripes and Viola is red.) This year we got three more red Ari kids from two redhead does. So really, Ari is not passing strong paternal color. This is kind of cool, since it means that I can expect a color-copy of the doe in any pairing. Double-cool is that Dahlia can pass her stripes.

The two boy kids have fantastic horns like their father and reasonably soft, flyaway fleeces like their grandmother Anna. The fleeces are not going to do them very well in the show this year, because they do not have cohesive lock structure. But the three red kids - throwing in Corene - might do well as a group because they all match each other. With that matching in mind, my goal this fall is to pick up an award for the redhead kid cabal as a "breeder's flock" or "get of sire" competitions at Shenandoah.

As far as the rest of the goats go, they are a mixed nuts bowl. Hope... well, I don't know what to say about Hope. Her fleece is fuzzy and fly away like her mother's and nephew's, but oh so soft. I will be showing her but not with much... hope (ha ha)... that the judge will like her. (But hey, someone has to come in last.) Elsa and Emma will be competing in the "red card" (no-color color goats) as yearlings and their tight fleeces and high body style should do very well. Taffy should stand up very well in the adult doe class against the Kid Hollow goats because she is one. Fiona won't do as well, but shouldn't be a complete disappointment next to her half sister. Richie is competing as a colored adult buck this year. And I'm not sure if I'm going to bring Ari back as an overaged adult buck or let him stay home with Dahlia. It will depend on how he looks, I'm sure.

Diego, Misty, and Soma aren't competing because they are just too small for their ages. I'm on the fence about showing Lily. She's still too small, but she's looking really good right now. We'll see what another few months gets for her.

My other goal for the fall is to sell the red kids. As sweet as Simon is, I don't need a red buck for anything, and he's too closely related to almost everyone but Alys. Ivan, same problem. Corene is a lovely little doe, but I've got Fiona already and at least one more breeding out of Alys to come. However, I have a current inquiry about Alys right now. If that sale goes through, I will likely keep Corene for at least a year to see how she turns out. If that sale goes really well, I will be sending Simon off with Alys to their new home together, where they will make beautiful babies together. If that sale goes fabulously, I'll be sending Betty and Pansy along too.
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