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Goats at summer camp - a photo update from Woodland Adventure Camp

The gang of seven is definitely enjoying their time at summer camp.

Here are some "before" and "after" photos of the spot in the woods where the goats went into the yard on Saturday morning. The "before" photo is from Saturday morning, the "after" photos are set off by 90 degrees and 180 degrees (back through the forest to the fenceline). There was a great deal of progress made in just a day. My four-footed locusts are doing a good job eating everything in sight.

Just after being dropped off...
2015-07-25 starting work

Two days later...
2015-07-27 - after two days of work
2015-07-27 - after two days of work. 2jpg

I'm a little disappointed that they ate the partridge pea, but apparently it's either not really poisonous to goats (as opposed to cattle or horses) or it's not poisonous in the quantity that they consumed it. You can see the plant along the bottom edge of the "before" photo as a fuzzy/fern-looking plant with yellow flowers. Eh, meh. I knew it was a risk when I didn't remove it.
Tags: angoras, friends, goats

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