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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
drive by goat update 
3rd-Aug-2015 01:56 pm
Both summer camps have reported non-standard poop this weekend. I checked out the Woodland camp, decided that Dahlia could use another deworming, and showed up with medication 24 hours later to find her poop was normal again. We conferenced about the possibility of just a bit of tummy upset, and agreed on more baking soda being offered. I have not been out to Suburban camp yet; the camp manager says it's not that worrying yet. Just 'cause, I ordered a canister of ProBios to be shipped directly there. ... I also offered the power washer to clean the patio after the campers go home.

The woman who came out to interview Alys last Thursday has put down her deposit to purchase Alys this fall as a bred doe. This sale is a win-win-win for all of us. I have Fiona and Corene, so don't really need Alys any more. The buyer gets a personable and smart goat that is a proven breeder and a good mother. And Alys gets to go be queen for a new herd. I'm also going to be giving the woman some spinning lessons particularly aimed at getting the most from mohair... as soon as we can schedule a time.
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