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Goat babies might come sooner than I thought... or might not

To quote Barbie... "Math is hard."

Because I'm getting everyone sheared next Thursday (Feb 3), I thought I'd check on baby due dates. As I mentioned back on September 30th, we know at least Goldie was in heat, and climbed under the fence in search of some lovin'. Because of one of my books saying gestation is 150 days, I decided that Feb 25th was the earliest due date. I dutifully noted that kid watch should start on Feb 20th.

Well, the CAGBA website has a link to a neat little "kidding calculator" out there, where I can put in the date bred, and get out the date for expected kidding. That calculator also calculates the range of possible dates, as in "kids could show up anytime in this range of dates." (This calculator has a footnote saying "Range based on 138 days to 159 days.")

Therefore, kid watch starts February 14th, a week earlier than I had said back in September. Good thing we got on the early shearing list and not the end of February.

On the other hand, if the vet judged her sonogram correctly, Sashimi could be waiting until May 9th for her kid.
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