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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Gratuitous goat pin-ups (the boys) 
25th-Aug-2015 09:36 am
Since I was out with my camera yesterday, I got photos of all of the boys in the front field before the vet came to deal with Richie. Here are the August 2015 photos of Sancho, Loki, Ari, Richie, and Diego. Sancho and Loki are definitely showing their ages. Ari is looking a lot like his grandfather Jared (and thankfully not all that much like his dad Cookie). Richie is huge for his size, and given that he's only two and a half years old, I'm expecting him to get even bigger. On the other hand, Diego is almost a miniature at one and a half. Hopefully he is just a late bloomer.

Sancho - 08-2015

Loki - 08-2015

AriAri's grandfather Jared at exactly the same age (August of 2006)
Ari - 08-2015Jared 8-14-06

Richie - 08-2015

Diego - 08-2015
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