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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival - preparations in full swing! 
24th-Sep-2015 10:23 am
The vet came out to bless the goats and bestow their health papers upon them. They are blessed with two caveats. Corene exploded into scours yesterday, and if she is still runny tomorrow, she can't go. Ari needs his feet trimmed and cleaned up (already done!). Other than that, everyone is good to rock and roll.

I did my show signs yesterday, and they are both fun and a little more elaborate than usual. I have the usual sale sign with an addition of mug shots of the parents at the bottom. I did a little "about Angora goats" sign to answer the questions that I usually get asked. And I have a "Cast and Crew" sign that lists all of the goats and their names, by age. I confirmed that my yarn will *not* be at the Hunt Country Yarn booth due to space and logistics (sad face) so I am not putting out that sign.

Ari, Richie, and Diego are day-tripping on Saturday. That will make for way less chaos all around, including fewer broken stalls and accidentally bred goats. It will also make loading/trailering the goats a lot easier by dividing the kids from the adults. (I don't plan to take Elsa and Emma to New York, and I'm hoping Simon and Ivan will be sold by then...)

I'm expecting to be asked to be MC for the Sunday white show. I have no idea who is going to be MC'ing the Saturday show, but it will probably be one of the white goat owners.

See you all in Berryville!
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